[Spice_discussion] MGS attitude information problem

YanJianguo jgyan_5111 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 29 00:16:51 PST 2010

Dear Sir,
How are you!
Sorry to disturb you for a while! 

 am just puzzled by attitude information of MGS spacecraft. In 
attachment is one component (quat(1)) of the quaternion information. The 
start time and end time is 1999-02-04 22:00:00.000 and 1999-02-11 
00:15:00.000 respectively, with time interval as 5 seconds. I try to get
 attitude information of left solar array referenced to MGS spacecraft, 
and I get it with core subroutine:
       call ckgp(-94001,sclkdp,tol,'MGS_SPACECRAFT',cmat,clkout,lfound)

am strange with the results. At start the values (of all four quaternion components) are constants for short time segments, then come with many jumps, 
which should be not the case. And I check the .bc file, there are many 
gaps in attitude data file, but with short time gap, and I ignore it and there are still output 
information. I wonder whether there are other points I should pay 
attention to? At last email I enclose a figure about the output information, while it may be refused with too big file.

Thanks for your great help!
Best regards!
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