[Spice_discussion] Python Interface

Darrin Chandler dwc at ser.asu.edu
Wed Feb 3 13:28:12 PST 2010

Has anyone thought more about this, or heard back from NAIF on further
Python news?

> The SWIG stuff sounds promising, but I agree with Tom that to avoid
> doubling the exact same efforts, I would suggest to create a mini open
> source project for a SWIG python wrapper to SPICE (if the NAIF team
> has nothing against it?)
> In which case I volunteer to set a project up at the usual suspects
> (googlecode, sourceforge) and invite anyone who wants to help to send
> me a private email. I certainly could need some input from people who
> have already a working wrapper, I would/could work on a wrapper for
> Mac and Linux.
> But I am also interested in how Adrian makes 'proper' Java calls to
> SPICE. Are you directly talking to the libraries somehow or are you
> executing SPICE via system calls and then catch the output for further
> processing (e.g.  for the mentioned exceptions)?
> Michael

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