[Spice_discussion] hash function of SPICE

Bogdan Nicula bogdan at oma.be
Sun Nov 29 15:33:02 PST 2009

Hello SPICE developers -

While profiling a program using the wonderful SPICE C toolkit, I've noticed that most of the time was spent in the hashing function in zzphsh and in s_copy (also s_cmp was quite high in the profile). The program is using a parameterized dynamic frame defined by two vectors. I figured out what was happening and I could make my program over four times faster by simply building the frame explicitly in the code with twovec_c().

Similarly, running the first example from:
shows those two functions at the top.

Could it be that many programs using SPICE would be made faster by improvements in this area?

Best regards and thank you for SPICE.


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