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The LRO MOC will post our NAIF products to the JPL/NAIF site about 2-3 times during the mission.  The first time won't occur until about L+4 months, give or take.
The posting at the LROC site might be just the Mission Baseline Ephemeris (MBE) for the commissioning phase.  However, remember that this is a predictive ephemeris.
LRO will only archive definitive SPKs and CKs.

Hope this helps.

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I know that various LRO kernels have been generated.  
It is another question as to where they are in the process after that.

Neil Ottenstein

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Will LRO kernels be posted to the NAIF web site data area? None are
currently there as far as I can tell, although Downloads @ LROC
http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/downloads.html has a mission baseline spk
kernel, version 8 (assuming the June 17 launch date instead of June 18
as it turned out).


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