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NAIF does not have an operations role with regard to LRO (or LCROSS, for that matter); SPICE implementation, deployment and operations for LRO are handled entirely by NASA/GSFC.  (For LCROSS, NASA/Ames has operations responsibilities.)

As GSFC prepares each incremental LRO SPICE archive delivery these will come to NAIF for peer review and subsequent entry into the NAIF node archive system, available to all.  The first incremental archive delivery is scheduled for Launch + 8 months.  Subsequent deliveries are expected every 4 months.

--Chuck Acton

On 7/10/09 6:53 AM, "Joe Knapp" <jmknapp at gmail.com> wrote:

Will LRO kernels be posted to the NAIF web site data area? None are
currently there as far as I can tell, although Downloads @ LROC
http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/downloads.html has a mission baseline spk
kernel, version 8 (assuming the June 17 launch date instead of June 18
as it turned out).

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