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YAMAMOTO Yukio yukio at planeta.sci.isas.jaxa.jp
Tue Feb 24 12:35:38 PST 2009


> I'm wondering if anyone has worked with the spice toolkit in .NET  
> with C#?

I've just tested and a sample code works fine.
DLL is required to access from C#.NET.

I did the following steps to make cspice.dll:

0. Download Visual C 32bit cspice.exe from NAIF Toolkit and extract it
1. Put attached files: 'cspice.def', 'mkcspice_dll.bat' into  
2. Make 'erf' and 'erfc' functions due to the lack of these functions  
in VC++
# attached 'erf.c' works for 32 bit architecture (put it in the same  
directory above)
3. Execute mkcspice_dll.bat
# cspice.dll can be found in (somewhere)\cspice\lib

Just in case, I'll show a sample code using cspice.dll.
ConsoleApplication1.exe, de421.bsp, and cspice.dll must be in the same  


--- Program.cs ---
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
     class Program
         private static readonly string ABCORR = "NONE";
         private static readonly string FRAME = "J2000";
         private static readonly string SPK = "de421.bsp";
         private static readonly double ET0 = 0.0;
         private static readonly double STEP = 3600.0;
         private static readonly int MAXITR = 100;
         private static readonly string OBSERVER = "earth";
         private static readonly string TARGET = "moon";

         private static extern void spklef_c(string filename, ref int  

         private static extern void spkezr_c(string targ, double et,  
string refer, string abcorr, string obs, double[] starg, ref double lt);

         static void Main(string[] args)
             int handle = 0;
             double[] state = new double[6];
             double et = 0.0;
             double lt = 0.0;

             spklef_c(SPK, ref handle);

             for (int i = 0; i < MAXITR; i++)
                 et = ET0 + i * STEP;
                 spkezr_c(TARGET, et, FRAME, ABCORR, OBSERVER, state,  
ref lt);
                 System.Console.WriteLine("\net={0}\n", et);
                 System.Console.WriteLine("J2000 x-position (km):    
{0:F10}", state[0]);
                 System.Console.WriteLine("J2000 y-position (km):    
{0:F10}", state[1]);
                 System.Console.WriteLine("J2000 z-position (km):    
{0:F10}", state[2]);
                 System.Console.WriteLine("J2000 x-velocity (km/s):  
{0:F10}", state[3]);
                 System.Console.WriteLine("J2000 y-velocity (km/s):  
{0:F10}", state[4]);
                 System.Console.WriteLine("J2000 z-velocity (km/s):  
{0:F10}", state[5]);

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