[Spice_discussion] Multithreading

Ed Wright ed.wright at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Oct 2 08:10:39 PDT 2007

To: Pär-Ola Nilsson
From: Ed Wright

On Oct 2, 2007, at 2:34 AM, Pär-Ola Nilsson wrote:

> Hi!
> Are there any plans on making cspicelib re-entrant to allow  
> multithreading?
> Looking at the source I see a lot of static variables so I know it  
> would be a major task.
> regards
> Pär-Ola Nilsson

No plans to add such capability. While I hope to do so eventually ( t  
< infinity), the project would require a major effort by NAIF. CSPICE  
derives from the FORTRAN 77 SPICELIB using the f2c converter. A muti- 
thread safe CSPICE would require NAIF rewrite some amount (I can't  
say how much, but suspect a large amount) of code.

As always,
Ed Wright
ed.wright at jpl.nasa.gov

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