[Spice_discussion] 64bit Linux

Pär-Ola Nilsson peje at irf.se
Mon Nov 21 03:13:24 PST 2005

Pär-Ola Nilsson wrote:

> I've mucked about in the source and found out that 64bit linux uses 64 
> bit longs
> the same way as the ALPHA processor.
> I tried to replace all
> with
> #if defined( CSPICE_ALPHA_DIGITAL_UNIX) ||defined(CSPICE_PC_LINUX64)
> and a corresponding
> #define CSPICE_PC_LINUX64
> in SpiceZpl.h
> and gained some succes.
> The limited tests I've done suggests it might work.
> Will do more testing later.
> Is there some kind of validation tests available one could try??
> This is just a pet project so far.
> Regards
> Pär-Ola
 I've done some more testing.
Calculating about 3000 MEX orbits including sun, earth phobos and deimos 
on both a 32bit linux machine and the 64bit version,
I've found that around 10% of the orbits contains 1-10 differing values 
differing only in the
6th decimal.

That seem to me like a succesful port.


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