Self-training Tutorials Advice

The self-training tutorials, whether downloaded as individual documents or using the ZIP package, include a file named "00_Final_Agenda.pdf." This exposes NAIF's suggestion for the order with which you go through the tutorials and where to fit in the various programming lesson tasks. But this agenda might need some adjustment depending on your starting point.

If you haven't yet installed the SPICE Toolkit on your machine, we strongly suggest you first look at these tutorials—at least the ones appropriate for your language of choice.

  • 02_installing_toolkit.pdf
  • 03_preparing_for_programming.pdf

    If using Icy (IDL):

  • A3_idl_interface.pdf

    If using Mice (MATLAB):

  • A4_matlab_interface.pdf

Some live-class students have told us they wished we presented our summary tutorial near the beginning of the class. You might consider looking at, and perhaps even printing out, this tutorial before delving into the agenda:

  • 31_summary_of_key_points

You might also want to take a look at one of the programming examples. These were created before we introduced the programming exercises that are now part of the training, but it might still be a handy reference during your studies.

  • P1_program_matlab.pdf
  • P2_program_idl.pdf
  • P3_program_c.pdf
  • P4_program_fortran.pdf
These four tutorials solve the same problem, with each using a different language.

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